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Four Seasons Sydney – Club 32 and other amenities

Four Seasons Sydney – Club 32 and other amenities
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You get all the usual facilities of a five-star hotel with the Four Seasons Sydney. That includes:

  • Club Lounge
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • and a bunch of restaurants and bars

Here – I’m only going to cover in detail the facilities we used, which was primarily Lounge 32, where we consumed two leisurely breakfasts.

a hallway with a man standing behind the counter
Lounge 32 entrance straight from the lift foyer

Staying in the Presidential Suite gets you access to Lounge 32 – the club lounge, on – you guessed it – Level 32.

Lounge 32 – and executive club by any other name

This refurbished lounge opened in 2017 and is spacious, well furnished, and again makes the best of its fabulous views.

a group of tall buildings
City views

You enter directly from the lift foyer and meet a reception desk, where your eligibility to enter the lounge is checked. There is a rather fabulous paper sculpture of three cockatoos behind the desk by Sydney artist Anna-Wili Highfield. They are beautiful and eye-catching. Sorry I didn’t get an image but go to the website to see even more amazing works.

a man sitting at a counter in a room with a coffee machine
Main food area, reception desk back on the right

The main food area is right after the reception, occupying the short section of the ‘L’ shaped space. The dining areas run mainly down the long side of the ‘L’.

a man standing in a room with a buffet
Spacious and light, the room extends down the harbour bridge/barangaroo side of the building.

I has the usual array of serve yourself breakfast delicacies.

a table with food and cereals
Cereal section detail

Including cereal, patisserie, fruit and baked goods.

a buffet table with food on it
Fruits, cheese, cold meats, yoghurt, jams and fresh fruits.

The selection is well displayed and arranged around 4 sides of a column.

a tray of food on a table
Patisserie . . . doughnuts!

The selection is pretty good, with helpful signage outlining options.

a toaster on a counter
Muffins and tarts under glass, with those toasters pressaging the bread section

Bread provided includes everything from sliced white through to loaves of the heavier style of European bread that I prefer, as well as some sourdough. Yum!

bread on a counter
Some sliced bread, and more European breads on the right.

There is also a staffed egg station, that can whip-you-up anything from a single poached egg through to waffles and pancakes.

a group of bread in baskets
Egg station towards the back after the bread condiments.

The dining space is great, open, beautifully furnished, and of course with those amazing views. We were able to find a table to ourselves, and by ourselves both mornings we made use of the Lounge.

a room with a table and chairs
Small and large dining areas.

Staff circulate regularly, offering water, juice, and coffee, as well as taking you order for the egg station, or kitchen.

I don’t remember any menu’s, but that didn’t matter, as it made it feel like anyt food option you desired was possible. All you needed to do was ask.

This is one of the nicest hotel lounges I have visited. Great service, lovely space and furnishings and delicious food. It certainly delivers.

a room with tables and chairs
View from the end of the long leg of the ‘L’ back towards the corner of the ‘L’

Gym – abandoned by us!

We didn’t use the gym at all. We were exhausted from the wedding preparations, not to mention having danced all night at the reception. Exercise at the gym was not a top priority.

a group of exercise bikes in a gym
Running machines, and cycling facing the George street frontage

The gym has a good range of cardio and weight based equipment, and is spacious, with an area for floor work. The gym was unstaffed however. It can also get hot under those sloping windows, despite the blinds.

a mirror in a room with exercise equipment
Weight machines to the right of the entrance.

The Pool

The pool sits on the harbour side of the hotel, hidden from the street. When the hotel opened it was the biggest pool area in any five star hotel in Sydney. Not sure what status it has now. It looks inviting with cabanas, and a small cafe setup. Other than a walk through the busy facility, we didn’t make use of the facility.

a pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas
Pool and sundeck

Endota Spa

The hotel also has an Endota Spa, which we did not patronise. One of our wedding presents is a day at this spa, so maybe you will get a full report later this year.

2PAXfly take out

The facilities at the Four Seasons Sydney, sit well with its status as a five star hotel and the Four Seasons brand. Everything is as it should be, and although nothing is exceptional – all facilities are excellent.

This hotel, despite its age, and the many competing new hotels, still sits as one of the best in Sydney as it did when it opened in the 1980’s.

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