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A380’s to be checked for wing cracks

A380’s to be checked for wing cracks

Reuters, amongst others, is reporting that the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is ordering inspections on some older Airbus A380’s after cracks were found in the wings on the outer rear wing spars of some of the first produced A380’s.

The first A380’s went to Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas and Air France. Singapore Airlines will be inspecting 4 of its aircraft.

Qantas has 6 of the affected 25 aircraft, which it plans to inspect during scheduled maintenance between June 2020 and May 2022. Qantas reports that two of its planes (out of a total of 12) were inspected earlier in 2019, and found not to be of concern.

All affected A380’s will need the inspections and repairs carried out within the first 15 years of operation – with the first planes having operated in 2007, that means before 2022 – depending on when they were manufactured.

If you remember – back in 2012 Airbus had to carry out inspections and devise a costly repair program after cracks were found on part of the wings. Then, as now, the problem is not deemed to be a safety risk, although it needs to be addressed.

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