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Suva – not a tourist mecca – but tropical

But – the capital of Fiji For most tourists to Fiji, Suva is not on the menu. The major gateway to Fiji is via Nadi – and the airport reflects that. Nadi is the transit point to most of the islands and resorts. But Suva is bigger than Nadi and is also the governmental capital. And it has more smilling infectious, giggling Fijians. It sits around a pretty harbour with a sunken ship (as of May 2017). Apparently, the Panama flagged vessel became a bit lopsided during loading – and the obvious happened: Suva – pretty enough Unfortunately Suva is...

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AT LAST – a decent One World lounge at Heathrow (Terminal 3) thanks to Qantas

The New Qantas London Lounge opened at Heathrow Terminal 3 today – Wednesday 29 November – just ready for the new ‘direct‘ Australian to London 787 flights, which they are dubbing the ‘Kangaroo Route‘ despite that being a completely different kettle of poisson. It’s been about 12 months in the making says Qantas (Does it really take that long? Don’t they have an endorsed concept they just need to apply?). “We have worked with leaders in design, food and service to create a lounge that is modern and comfortable and incorporates the aesthetics of the Qantas lounges that make...

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Neunundneunzig Lufthansa Balloons – no first, new business class, but you have to wait for it

Well they are getting this story out well ahead of time. Lufthansa ordered – way back in 2013 about 20 brand new Boeing 777-9X, which are not set to start delivery until 2020. Perhaps oddly – or for reasons that are not obvious to me – they have come out with a PR emetic of information about the cabins and service of these planes – around 2 years ahead of launch. Claiming that this is the best business class seat out there – would be considered by many to be a dangerous bit of rhetoric that may well turn...

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Bali boarding backs up – Flights cancelled due to Volcanic cloud

The major airport for Bali Denpasar, Ngurah Rai International has been closed due to a Level 4 Alert (the highest) due to the eruption of Mount Agung, and the resulting volcanic ash cloud – reportedly up to 4000 metres in the air. The airport’s statement reckons 445 flights (196 international & 249 domestic) will be affected. That’s around  59,000 passengers affected. This means that flights between Australian and Bali have been canceled – that affects Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin Australia – those links will take you to the particular airlines Bali alert. Virgin Australia has named their canceled flights: Cancelled flights...

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Stay plugged in on Virgin Australia to America

Virgin is rolling out internet access on its 777-300ER’s as soon as December 2017, on flights to the USA serviced by their two newly upgraded aircraft. What we do know It will be gradually rolled out as the upgraded planes arrive, with the expectation that all routes out of Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisvegas will be serviced by May 2018. It will cover all their flights to LAX. The service is being provided by GoGo – not without controversy or other problems. You might like to ready Gizmodo’s summary of in-flight internet providers. As they conclude ‘All airline wifi kinda sucks’,...

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