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Author: 2paxfly

Onwards to Burma! (Myanmar)

The markers of life Birthdays that end in a zero, have an inbuilt significance. They represent milestones, however much we may resist this particular sign of ageing. Birthdays with Friends One of our English friends has such a birthday this year. More than a year ago, before the most recent dispossession of the Rohingya, he booked his birthday venue as Myanmar. As Australians, of course, we think nothing of jumping on a plane for 8 hours to see our mates. We also don’t choke at the idea of spending 4 weeks away. (Self-employment has its advantages!). And, well Myanmar...

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Its always worth answering ‘How was your stay?’ truthfully

Last weekend on one of my frequent trips between Sydney and Adelaide, I stayed yet again at the Adelaide Intercontinental (after a night at the Stamford Plaza Adelaide – more about that in another post). You may remember I completely stuffed up two bookings by duplicating them, and then had to get the ‘no-refund’ bookings reversed (successfully) Thank you Qantas Hotels, and Amex. Well, at checkout, the staff member asked me ‘How was your stay?’ I’ve written about my indecision on being truthful before. Our stay had been very good – especially when contrasted with the service at the...

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71 thought dead after Russian Aircraft plunges after take-off

Tragedy Tragic news over the weekend, that a seven years old Saratov Airlines Antonov AN-148 regional jet crashed soon after takeoff from Domodedovo airport near Moscow. The plane was only 10 years old. The plane was heading for the city of Orsk on the Kazakhstan border. It was carrying 65 passengers and six crew. Wreckage has been found over a wide area about 60 miles southeast of Moscow. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing a ‘falling airplane in flames’ (Interfax). An official of the Emergency Situations Ministry has reported that two bodies and the ‘black box’ flight recorder have been found. A criminal...

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DOH! Online hotel booking errors 101

Not just one error today, but TWO! I had a frenzy of flight and hotel bookings today as a result of the Double Status Credits bonanza with Qantas at the moment. Remember that you have until one minute to midnight (AEDT) tonight to Register and make your booking. I made one booking using Qantas hotels booking website, and one on the IHG website. In both cases, I duplicated the transactions! Qantas Hotels With Qantas hotels, after about a 5 minutes on hold to their call centre, I got to explain my dilemma, and it was patiently explained to me...

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Last day for double Qantas Status Credits! How much do Qantas Status Credits cost?

You have until a minute before midnight tonight (AEDT) to book flights and earn DOUBLE Qantas Status Credits Read this, and go straight to their booking site (and register on your way)! So, how much do Status Credits cost? Well, I know you can’t buy them directly, but what is their rough price according to how many points you get per trip, and the price you pay for that trip? I’m quite a cheapskate (thank you, Harold E., my father) – and long ago abandoned loyalty to one airline for international travel. My premium paid-fare airline choices these days are primarily...

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