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Who wrote that fabulous article I just read?

First International Ticket for me

Welcome to 2PAXfly. Let me introduce myself.

I came late to flying. I took my first domestic flight at about 19 and didn’t fly internationally until I was 31, when I did what most Australians do, and spent 6 months travelling the world.

Well, that first flight in economy on a Thai Airways 747 from Sydney to Bangkok, and later on to London via Delhi was addictive – but in a slow burn kind of way. It took a few more years before I travelled overseas again. But since then it hasn’t stopped. I travel with my husband at least a couple of times a year internationally and within the region more often.

My background is in broadcasting, arts administration, and communications. I have slightly less than a law degree (misspent youth) and a full Bachelor of Communications. I now run a design studio specialising in online and print design. If you want to see some of our work, head over here and if you want to send us some work, email me.

I hate the view that airplanes are just a means of getting from A to B, and hotels, just a place to sleep. For me – a trip starts from before I leave my house, and ends after I have returned. It’s not just the destination, but the whole experience that I love.

I’m also not one of those people who say,

‘I’m perfectly happy in economy.’

Anyone who does is probably lying. If I had an endless budget – I would be travelling first class all the way. I don’t, so we don’t. However, I far prefer a suite to a room and prefer not to queue, and like turning left at a plane entrance.

All the countries I have visited to date. Mouse over to see names.

My travel experience has led to an obsession with quality in airline, airport and hotel service and design.

Yes, I have become the guy my friends come to for hotel and flight recommendations.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget to travel the way I would like – all the time. That’s the motivator for my interest in loyalty, points, and redemptions.

At the moment as we are amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I’m largely stuck at home, although have just returned to travelling domestically.

While I and probably you are too, stuck at home, I’m catching up on reviews from the past. I hope they will spark your memories, and prepare you for future travel.


For me, travel is not just where you are going, but how you travel there. I'm not one of those people who say, 'I'm perfectly happy in economy'. Anyone who does is stupid or lying. I far prefer a suite to a room, and first over cattle class. Some people say I have attitude.

Seat 2B

A regular traveller who finds it difficult to keep still. Give him 5 minutes and he's off on a hike, cooking, or working out a way to get a cheap ticket but still able to shower in the sky. He has Qantas Platinum status at the moment - so you have every right to hate him. He also loves to fly.

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