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Review: Hotel Palo Santo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Review: Hotel Palo Santo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaScore 75%Score 75%
Series: Honeymoon - South America


One of the challenges of doing a trip to a new country, not to mention new cities, is working out where to stay.

For Hotels, I have a couple of go-to guides that I use. One is Luxe Guides, and another is the hotel guides. Once I have worked out that most of those options are too expensive, I turn to our trusty travel agent, who uses his own and his colleagues’ knowledge gained from personal experience, and the feedback from their clients like me.

For Buenos Aires – we put ourselves in the hands of our travel agent – who sometimes seems to know our travel preferences better than we do.

It was he who suggested the Palo Santo Hotel, in the hip and happening district of Palermo.

a sign on a sidewalk
The street sign outside the hotel


Stay: 19 to 27 February 2019
Stars: 4
Room: Deluxe
Size: 35 sqm (377 sqf)
Bed: Queen
Per Night Average: ~AU$150-200 (packaged as part of an overall deal)
Address: Bonpland 2275, C1425 FWC – Buenos Aires
Phone: (5411) 5280-6100


Our flight arrived just after 5pm Buenos Aires time, and it took us a little over a half-hour to collect our luggage, and clear customs and immigration. We were met at the airport by a man with a sign – a representative of the on-ground tour company, who conducted us to our car and driver and sent us on our way to the Palo Santo hotel.

The trip took over the standard 30 minutes, as we were travelling at peak hour, so we arrived around 6:30 pm, were met by a security guard (oh-oh?) and checked into the hotel efficiently.

The ins and outs of the hotel were explained including breakfast, the bar, and the opening hours and nature of the on-site Japanese restaurant – Namida. We were relieved to be in close proximity to an actual bed but wanted to try and acclimatise to our new timezone by at least having a drink and dinner before retiring for the night. We made immediate use of the bar and restaurant.

The hotel also had its own guide to eating and drinking around the area. We provided our email, and the Food guide (in English) and an in-room Spa guide were emailed to us.

a couch and chair in a room
The ‘External’ Foyer, separated by glass from the internal foyer

Public Spaces

The hotel has a covered external foyer, where guest can wait, and probably smoke. The internal foyer runs down the right-hand side, with the reception desk on the left.

a glass door with a couch and a vase of flowers
The internal foyer, with reception to the left, and another sitting area in the Atrium

There is then a small atrium, with plants and seating, which in the evening has a spectacular water feature.

a water fall in a room
Water feature that extends down 3 or 4 floors.

There is a corridor past the lifts, and then a restaurant at the rear of the building.

a hallway with glass doors and a person standing in the background
Looking towards the front of the hotel. Lifts to the right. Atrium to the left.

The restaurant space doubles as the breakfast room during the day.

a buffet table with food on it
Breakfast setup

and the Namida restaurant – serving Nikkei cuisine for lunch and dinner.

a restaurant with tables and chairs
Looking through the restaurant to the garden beyond.

The Atrium runs from the top to the bottom of the building, and there are balustrades on all floors that open to it. Each of these is laden with planter boxes, with a combination of creepers and Rhapis palms. The hotel room bathrooms have small windows that also open to it, so, fortunately, it does not act too much as a sound funnel.

a metal staircase with lights
Looking up the Atrium towards the glass roof.

There are small plantings on each floor, which soften the overall look, and presumably, supports the ‘green’ in the hotel’s publicity strapline.

a glass wall with plants in it
Bathroom window facing the Atrium, and plantings, with water feature behind.

Beyond the restaurant is a small but lush walled courtyard garden.

a patio area with tables and chairs
The garden, with tables and water feature from our balcony.

There were a number of outdoor tables, and some patrons took their breakfast out there. For me, it was a little too shaded, or too sun-blasted to dine out there. It was gorgeous to look at, especially from above.

a patio area with tables and chairs
The garden with a bit of context – car park on one side, and red-tiled roof on the other.

The Room

Our room was on the 5th floor, towards the back of the building, overlooking the back garden. It was a really good size, clean-lined, but with everything, you could require.

a bedroom with a bed and a chair
Our room – simple but perfectly formed

The bed was advertised as a Queen sized, but felt larger. It was firm but comfortable.

a room with a bed and a tv
Small leather (pleather?) covered lounge

Wood floors throughout made the room feel light, cool and clean.

a chair in a room
Seat with reading light and very useful occasional tables

I loved this reading chair, with its own light, perfectly angled to light your reading material from the balcony.

a bed with pink blanket and pillows
Small desk and wardrobe on the far side of the bed, near the entrance

The artworks provided splashes of colour along with the bed trimming. The wardrobe was on the small size, but with plenty of hangers. The desk was small, but with its own well placed light.

a bed with pillows and a painting on the wall
Where those pillows sub size, or was the bed larger than a standard queen?

I loved the non-matching bedside lamps. Not so keen on the feature pillows, that always ended up as couch cushions.

a painting on the wall
Lounge – comfortable, with well-placed reading light.

The lounge was comfortable to sit in, or to lounge, but not so good if you wanted to watch TV.

a glass shelf with a sign and cups on it
Shelf and power points above the sink – with inevitable snack and packets of crisps.

Back near the entrance was a shelf above, with a bench and sink below. And below that a bar fridge.

a kitchen counter with a red kettle and tea cups
Sink, coffee and kettle, with bar fridge below

The bar fridge was not stuffed full of things – so in the picture below the large bottles of mineral water, the champagne, the large bottle of sprite, and the dip and sliced meat are all ours.

a refrigerator with drinks and cans
Stocked, but not over-stocked mini-bar.

The real joy of the room was this terrace. Sunny and inviting, with great district views, but with privacy.

a table and chairs on a balcony
Small – but pefectly formed. Planter boxes either side to provide privacy.
a balcony with trees and buildings
District views
a balcony with a table and chairs and trees
From the room, to the trees

We spent 8 nights here. We were also exhausted from our flights and the preceding wedding and we both came down with mild colds. Instead of our usual two outings a day, and then dinner and/or drinking – we kept it pretty quiet, with one outing a day, and then afternoon naps, and an early dinner.

This was a perfect place in an interesting area to recuperate and refresh while exploring Buenos Aires.


As you entered the room into a small foyer, the bathroom was directly in front of you, with the rest of the room to the left.

The bathroom was on the small size, with a single basin, toilet and shower which took up the long side of the room. It had a rain shower head, with good pressure, and was well designed with a floor-to-ceiling glass partition separating it from the rest of the room.

The room worked well with no overflow from the shower to the rest of the room – so common with this setup.

a towel rack with towels on it
Rain showerhead, glass partition, towel rack and towel hooks below

The bathroom did have a window into the atrium, but you really had to have the lights on to see. The window did open to help with circulation, but its preferred position was closed, so you didn’t hear or contribute to the noise in the atrium. The cleaning staff always closed it if we left it open.

a shower with a glass door
Bathrobes and hangers, amenity shelf, and grip bar

The bathroom was quite small, but very well designed. For instance, you could stand out of the shower to dry off before stepping into the rest of the room.

a group of bottles with green liquid and white liquid
Bathroom amenities – Palo Santo branded

I presume the green was a deliberate choice to emphasize the ‘green’ ethics of the hotel, but sorry, that green is just not natural!

a toilet and bidet in a bathroom
Bidet and toilet between the sower and the sink.


Unfortunately, the rooftop wasn’t really functioning during our stay. The pool and hot tub were under maintenance, which kind of rendered the space useless. When functioning, it would be a great place to relax and cool off.

a green wall with plants and flowers
Rooftop living wall

The rooftop had a wading pool, living wall, and a bar area. The whole thing was quite small, and could probably only service under 20 people.

a man sitting on a bench next to a wall of plants
Pool under maintenance

When we popped up, there was a workman working on re-sealing and painting the pool. The sign indicated that it would be under maintenance for a fortnight. This was quite reasonable, since we were staying in February before the main tourist season.

a pool with a metal railing and a green plant
More wading that swimming pool

The pool would have been nice, but although the weather was warm – it wasn’t so hot as to make access to a pool mandatory.

2PAX Takeout

This was a great place to spend our week in Buenos Aires. It was in an interesting suburb with plenty of character, and a great collection of restaurants. We were in taxi or uber distance of most places we wanted to visit, so in that sense it was central. It had a great feel to it, and despite the security guard at the hotel, the area felt safe. The security guard on duty all night made us feel even safer.

Our room was serviced every day, usually while we were at breakfast, and they provided our requested feather pillows.

Reception staff were knowledgeable, always greeting you with a smile and with a willingness to advise and recommend.

The only negative, and its a small one, was the breakfast staff. They were a little less well organised and always seemed a little behind the eightball. This was partly caused by having to use a dumb waiter for meal delivery, and not helped by most not speaking English. The food was good, but delivery sometimes tardy. Getting a coffee refil could be a challenge sometimes.

However, on the whole this is a more than solid four star hotel, which I would recommend.

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A stylish and more than solid 4 star hotel in Palermo (80% max for 4 Star)

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