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10 Things Hotels could do better

1. Put your best pillows forward Everyone has pillow menu’s these days. That’s a good thing because – each to their own. However, stop putting out the crappiest crumbled or solid foam ones as standard. Put out your best down ones instead, and let people request a change from those. Ok, maybe more capital cost, but I bet it means less staff time spent answering pillow requests. 2. You can never have enough towels When was the last time you entered a hotel bathroom and exclaimed ‘Oh-My-God, there are too many towels in this bathroom! And they are all...

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5 Cute things hotels do to make you feel loved

Fortunately no towels were injured during this display of Swan towel art at the Hotel La Union Cienfuegos, Cuba I am a sucker for things that some hotels do, that just make you feel loved, and fussed over. 5. Romantic stuff, like petals in a heart shaped on your bed for your anniversary. At the Hotel De La Paix in Luang Prabang, Laos (now a Sofitel) – for our 21st anniversary. 4. Placing a bookmark in your book when you have left it upturned on your bedside table, or splayed out on your sun lounge while taking a dip....

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