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Most popular posts in 2020

Most popular posts in 2020

Thanks to everyone for their support over the last 12 months. Thought I might share with you the five most popular posts over the last 12 months. There are not many surprises here. I think they accord with what I would have expected. See what you think – in order:

Duck Salad in Business Class, Sydney to Santiago on a Qantas 747

1. Review: Qantas Business Class 747-400 Sydney to Santiago

Amora Hotel, Jameson Street, Sydney

2. COVID-19 quarantine experience: Amora Hotel, Sydney

Virgin 737 Business Class catering

3. REX: On the tail of ex-Virgin Australia 737-800’s

4. Qantas: new CFO apologia for condemnation of Alan Joyce salary package

5. Qantas Melbourne Business Lounge – my first time

Interestingly, those last 2 are from 2019 – and still people hit those links.

2PAXfly Takeout

The aviation industry has a difficult road ahead when it comes to sustainability. It’s going to require a relative revolution in technology, with ‘electric planes’ or hydrogen planes, or some form of jet engine that doesn’t require a carbon based fuel. And that is going to require the development of an alternative to jet engines probably.

It’s a big ask. It will take time to develop.

This move to home grown and manufactured SAF is a first step – maybe even a baby step in a very long road of innovation. In the long run, US$200 million won’t even touch the sides.

I don’t really know how to interpret these statistics. Suffice it to say that there is little to no correlation between the effort spent and readers gained. Some of these posts take hours to write and edit, while others much, much less.

I still have a backlog of hotel reviews to write. They happen to take the longest time to write, not to mention the time spent editing over a hundred photo’s down to 40 or so. Still it does mean I have a bank of content during this time when travel opportunities are heavily restricted for Australians.

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