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5 Cute things hotels do to make you feel loved

5 Cute things hotels do to make you feel loved
a towel swans made from towels
Fortunately no towels were injured during this display of Swan towel art at the Hotel La Union Cienfuegos, Cuba

I am a sucker for things that some hotels do, that just make you feel loved, and fussed over.

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Romantic stuff, like petals in a heart shaped on your bed for your anniversary.

a bed with a heart made of rose petals
At the Hotel De La Paix in Luang Prabang, Laos (now a Sofitel) – for our 21st anniversary.


Placing a bookmark in your book when you have left it upturned on your bedside table, or splayed out on your sun lounge while taking a dip.

a white book with red feather on top of it
Left splayed by the bed – miraculously bookmarked by housekeeping.


Complimentary sunscreen while sun-baking

a pool with umbrellas and chairs in front of a building
By the pool at the Imperial Hotel New Delhi, where they supplied complimentary suntan lotion. Unfortunately it’s smell was a little too reminiscent of public toilet disenfectant of the sickly sweet kind.


Tidying your computer or phone recharge cords with a velcro cord tidy.

a white cord wrapped in a black fabric
Velcro iPhone cord tidy at the Four Seasons Sayan in Ubud. Housekeeping tidied them every day.


That thing they do in the bathroom, where the staff tidy your bathroom products, and place them in an orderly fashion on a square of toweling.

a group of personal hygiene items on a towel
I don’t know what it is, but I just love coming back to the room, and seeing that housekeeping has created order out of chaos for my bathroom accoutrements.

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