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QANTAS: error with Barcode means frequent flyers need to request new card

QANTAS: error with Barcode means frequent flyers need to request new card

A friend sent me a screen grab of a communication from Qantas about the barcode on their Frequent Flyer Card. Since they used their Qantas card as a travel card, loading it with currencies, they were worried about the implications.

screens screenshot of a qantas flight card

What I asked Qantas about the barcode

I contacted Qantas to see what the story was and asked them:

‘… details of the error, cause, and how many frequent flyer cards/members might be affected, and advice on what they should do?

‘Is there a reason that you are leaving a request for a new card to the member and not automatically replacing the affected cards?’

2PAXfly email to Qantas Media
a marble surface with a couple of circles
Bathroom detail in Qantas First Class Lounge, Melbourne [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

What Qantas told me about the barcode

They didn’t provide much new information. What they did provide was ‘on background’, so I won’t be quoting the full answer here. However, their response did indicate that:

Barcodes on the cards were wrong due to a ‘barcode generation error’.

Consequently, some frequent flyers may experience issues when the barcode on the card is scanned. That may include, say, at airports or with Qantas partners through which you can earn Qantas Points.

The physical card barcode might be wrong, but the one on the Qantas App – the card’s digital version- is correct and can be used.

For frequent flyers that need a physical card, like the one who contacted me, who uses it for its Trave Card capabilities, they can request a replacement physical card, via ‘My Account’ in the app.

Qantas didn’t directly answer my question about automatically replacing them, so I can only presume this was a cost-based decision. I presume it is cheaper to reissue requested ones rather than all the cards that are affected.

Qantas Platinum luggage tags

2PAXfly Takeout

So if you are affected, follow the advice above.

I know that fewer and fewer people are using their physical Frequent Flyer card – me being one. But, it seems to me that if you stuff something up, then it is your responsibility to fix it, and in this case, send out a new correctly barcoded card. Not place the responsibility back on the innocent frequent flyer victim.

I’m stepping down from my soapbox now.

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