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COVID-19: Cambodia now open to the double vaxxed

COVID-19: Cambodia now open to the double vaxxed

In a statement from Prime Minister Hun Sen yesterday (Sunday 14 November 2021) via voice message and social media reported in the Bangkok Post:

“After seeing that people have two doses and a negative Covid test, they will be allowed to travel all over the Kingdom of Cambodia,”

Prime Minister Hun Sen

So, no more quarantine for travellers who have been fully vaccinated from today

“This is a quick way to re-open the country and facilitate travel for our people. I know some of our citizens want to go abroad but are worried about coming back with quarantine required,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen

2PAXfly Takeout

Cambodia has an amazing story when it comes to COVID. They have nearly 90% of their 16 million population vaccinated – the highest rate in Asia. This is amazing for such a poor country, with an authoritarian government. On the other hand, it is highly dependent on tourism, and the lack of visitors to places like Angkor What must have been devastating to the economy. Maybe I should schedule a trip to see my Phnom Penh based friends?

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