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ETIHAD: New Business Class on A350’s shown at Dubai Airshow

ETIHAD: New Business Class on A350’s shown at Dubai Airshow

After holding these A350-1000s on ice for two years during the pandemic, finally, we get to see them – well that is if you are at the Dubai Airshow.

Etihad received 5 of the A35Ks in 2019 and 2020 holding them in storage. They feature a tailored version of the Collins Super Diamond for Business class, the same basis for the similar British Airways Club Suite and the Aeroflot 77W 787-9,-10, A35K long-haul fleet and is the same seat used by American Airlines and Qatar Airways.

This week, Etihad showcased an A350-1000 at the Dubai Air Show and we have this mobile phone footage before thethe airline officially reveals the interior.

Etihad has ditched its Business Studio seat featured in its Boeing 787’s and Airbus A380’s. They have chosen the suite version of the seat with a sliding door and have added in classic Etihad bespoke reading lamp and faux marble sideboard.

This upscaling of the business suite, also means no First Class cabin, and no premium economy, although they have left several rows at the front of the first Economy cabin with a few extra inches of legroom.

Etihad will fly the aircraft in 2022 but routes remain to be announced.

I’ll update this post when Etihad releases official pictures – apparently overnight Australian time.

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