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Brazil – Visa Free for Australians

Brazil – Visa Free for Australians

From June 17, 2019, Australian passport holders travelling to Brazil will be entitled to visa-free entry as the South American country expands its visa-waiver scheme.

Current Visa Situation

At the moment – and I know as I had to do it for my visit to Brazil in February 2019, Australians need to arrange an eVisa online. The cost is around US$45 (depending on exchange rate) for a multiple entry visa. It’s a good idea to get a multiple entry visa especially if you are going to Iguazu Falls, and want to cross back and forth between the Argentinian and Brazillian side – as we did.

Remember that this is only valid for entries to Brazil on or after June 17. You will only need to present your passport and a completed arrivals card to gain entry. Oh, and it’s a good idea to have your itinerary handy so you can answer standard questions like ‘Where are you staying?’ and ‘How long are you staying in Brazil?’

a statue of a man on a float in a stadium
Don’t even ask what the theme of this float was – but hey – dancing half-naked men!

Your safety in Brazil

Also, take the advice from seriously, and use a high degree of caution in tourist areas. I was there for carnival this year – and the best advice from regular travellers to Rio was:

. . . leave everything at your hotel in the safe including jewelery, watch, and even smartphone. Just leave with your smile, hotel key, and enough money for the evening.

Fellow guest at our Ipanema Beach hotel

We had no trouble, but you could see the risk especially at the ‘Blocos’ or street parties that are everywhere in Rio during Carnival.

The Brazilian government hopes that this move will increase tourism between the two countries, and indeed between it and Canada, Japan, and the USA, who will also be able to visit under the visa waiver program – from the same date.

Planning to go to Brazil?

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