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Double Trouble – Qantas double status credits 2019

Double Trouble – Qantas double status credits 2019

There is usually a double status credits promotion in February – well there has been for the last few years.

Better Register now

You have to register, before you book, and you have to be a Qantas Frequent Flyer member.

Sophisticated marketing

Qantas is getting increasingly sophisticated in their marketing. There was a time when you could pick up both a double status credit deal, with some kind of promotional price deal for a destination. That way you could get the best of both worlds – low price, and earn double status credits.

In fact I scored one of these earlier this year, with double status credits, and a cheap deal in business between Brisbane and Christchurch New Zealand. I was all primed to do this, ensuring my Platinum status, when Mikheli my partner had to have some emergency surgery – and well, my partners health trumps gaining status credits anytime. So I wasn’t able to take advantage of it then.

Interesting point

Interestingly, in my discussions with Qantas premium support, they confirmed that the status deal was linked to the time of booking, and so if I transferred the payment to another flight, and it met other conditions of the deal – I would still get my double status credits.

Restrictions of current promotion

The current promotion (the first for 2019), runs from Monday 18 February to Friday 22 February. It, covers travel from Monday 25 February through to Saturday 31 August.

You can book either domestic or international travel, as long as it is on actual Qantas metal and has a Qantas flight number – and your paying money (can’t earn on points redemptions).

Leapfrog to Silver, Gold, Platinum or more

These double status credit promotions are a quick way to catapult yourself into another status band. While without them you might make Silver (good but not great), with a promotion like this you could head straight to Gold, which amongst other things gives you access to Qantas club lounges, bigger luggage allowance, priority check-in (meh?), and bonus Qantas points. The other thing to remember is that your status determines how far up the greasy pole you are in the allocation of upgrades – which can be a fabulous way to use your hard earned points.

Get onto it

Don’t wait – register and book now. In fact – I have spent too much time typing to share this with you, when I have my own flights with double status credits to book (since I am just reliving Tuesday 19 February due to crossing the international date line to South America), but that is a story for another post.

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