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Qantas sees reason on cabin luggage

Qantas sees reason on cabin luggage

I am a regular Qantas domestic passenger and have lived in fear over the last couple of months of having my carry on baggage declared invalid, and having to have it checked.

I have been living in fear!

I regularly travel between Sydney and Adelaide and take cabin luggage only with me. However, given my cabin bag weighs close to 3kg and my computer about 2.5kg – I know that my one bag, although meeting the dimension requirements almost certainly doesn’t meet the old weight requirement not to exceed 7kg.

As a result, I have been taking on board two bags, one with my luggage – enough for a two night stay, and praying that it is less than 7.5kg (I expect a little leeway), together with another computer bag containing my devices and necessary power cords and connectors – probably weighing in at about 4 to 5 kg.

The wrath of the Qantas Enforcers

I have not met the wrath of the Qantas weight enforcers yet (I usually check in at the Qantas Club in Sydney), but am aware of friends who have been ‘caught’ and had to do a quick bit of public repackaging. The fact that they were wearing Havanas into the Qantas Club probably didn’t help.

Sense Reigns

Qantas has decided to make its regime sensible from yesterday (Monday 25 March).

You can now take on board two pieces of luggage, which if they meet the dimension requirements can have a combined weight of 14kg, with no one piece over 10kg.

a diagram of a bag
Qantas onboard luggage guide graphic

The world has returned to a sensible axis!

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