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Sledgehammer of sentimentality in new Qantas safety demo

Sledgehammer of sentimentality in new Qantas safety demo

2016 Safety Video was refreshing

About two years ago,  Qantas abandoned their full syrup theme ‘we call Australia home’ music, and made a safety video that used images from all over Australia to visually supply the tourist message. It was charming. It used to choke me up as I remembered places I had been, or Australian personality types I have met. It had a special effect when viewed on a trip from overseas back to Sydney. It looked like this:



2018 Safety video … not so much

Well, now Qantas has gone ‘extreme syrup’ with a new safety video, using a contemporary version of the Peter Allen classic ‘we still call Australia home’, and setting itself at a range of Qantas worldwide destinations. Take yourself to fast food diabetic heaven for the next 7 minutes. Too long?

I think, compared to the 2016 version, this one is a sledgehammer of saccharine sentimentality. Sorry, I need to go have an insulin shower.

Am I being too harsh?

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