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Happy New Year ! from Byron Bay

Happy New Year ! from Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Wishing everyone safe travels in 2018 from here on the most easterly point of Australia, Byron Bay.

In the Australian Domestic Airline Wars, Virgin Australia lost

I can tell you that Qantas has won the domestic airline wars here in Australia. My flight up to Byron Bay from Sydney was on Virgin Australia. You couldn’t get a smile out of any of the cabin crew, bar the Cabin Manager, even if you paid them. Oh, that’s right, we were paying them. The Virgin Australia 737-800’s are showing their age, and the free beverage choice was orange juice or water – take it or leave it.

a plane with seats and purple walls

On this New Year’s Eve flight, the plane was about two thirds full, with virtually all the ‘Economy X’ (extra legroom) seats including the exit rows vacant, and only about 5 of the 8 business class seats occupied.

Drink, drank, drunk – hangover

We saw in the new year at a party at Harvest Restaurant in Newrybar with a few hundred people in masks. Excellent food. OK wine. And far too many ‘Garden Spritz’ which is just another name for vodka and prosecco beverages. Today I am keeping a low profile on the deck here in Byron Bay for obvious reasons, but still appreciating the healing powers of bacon and avocado.


I hope you all had a fantastic start to the new year.

May your points earning rates be quadrupled, and your flight redemption rates be halved!

I hope you will find bold new destinations, and try new premium products in 2018.

Here at 2PAXfly we plan to help you along that flight path with airline and hotel news, and our opinions of products and services.

Happy New Year !

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