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AU$4,418 Business Class fares Sydney to London with China Airlines via Taipei on A350 in 2018

AU$4,418 Business Class fares Sydney to London with China Airlines via Taipei on A350 in 2018

Everyone loves a well priced deal

I’ve been keeping my eye out for good deals to the UK during this northern hemisphere winter. I used to hate the UK in winter – avoiding it like the plague. It’s such a bother having to get dressed and un-dressed constantly as you move in and out of central heating. But after my Christmas in London – I’ve changed my mind, and I have been fantasizing about a quick trip to London in the next few months to see some friends.

China Airlines – new A380, and what looks like a mighty nice Business Class

This is a render, pretty cool, though dark decor, and reverse herring-bone seats in Business class.

a room with chairs and a mirror

I have been looking at fares in December and January, and keep seeing these rather amazing Business Class prices from China Airlines – that’s the Taiwanese airline (not part of China, although the Chinese government claims it).

One off wonder?

I thought they were a bit of a one-off and would soon disappear. They haven’t. The dates still don’t suit me – but maybe they suit you, dear reader . . .

a blue and white sign with white text

OK, you land at Gatwick, and not Heathrow, but that’s not entirely a bad thing?

I’ve been using Google Flights as you can see below . . .

a screenshot of a flight schedule

. . . but they also appear on Momondo, and they are reflected once you click through to Air China:

a screenshot of a flight schedule

a screenshot of a flight schedule

As you can see – they are available for several dates – which you can easily look up on Google Flights.

Outstanding deal

I think this is an outstanding deal. Most airfares on decent carriers start in the AU$ 5,500, and most are over AU$6000. The only comparable deal I’m aware of was offered by Vietnam Airlines back in April 2015, which I took advantage of to get to London in December for Christmas. The price was AU$4,379 then but did involve a 9 hour layover in Saigon (HCMC).

Here’s the A350 seating plan

a diagram of an airplane seat

Five hour layover in Taipei

These China Airlines flights do involve a long layover of 5 hours in Taipei in both directions, but I can think of a lot worse places to have to tap my toes for a few hours. It will give you time to transfer from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 for your Taipei to London flight. You’re going to have to vamp it for an hour anyway, as the Terminal 1 lounge (Taoyuan China Airlines Lounge) is listed as only opening at 5:30am (subject to flight schedules). Here is China Airways blurb on the lounge:

Following China Airlines’ NexGen design theme of “oriental literati aesthetics”, the China Airlines Lounge in Taoyuan airport T1 applies the fun of strolling in a Jiangnan (south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River) garden to its interior design.  Once stepping into the China Airlines Lounge, customers could immerse themselves in a natural and thick cultural atmosphere of the old days, completely serene and relaxing. A feeling of oriental calm both in physiology and psychology can be sensed. Books, together with the light radiating from tungsten lamps, background the makings of literates. Amber glasses, brass implements and artworks that reveal a sense of time as well as other materials whose appeal intensifies over time are applied in modern and sophisticated styles, bringing out the oriental literati bearing in China Airlines. China Airlines embraces the world with its foothold set on the oriental history.

It’s located in Terminal 1, 4F, upper level after the security check point, close to the side A boarding gates area. Here’s a 3D look-around and here’s a still from that:

a woman standing in a restaurant

Why prices this low?

I think because it’s a new route, they are discounting it heavily to encourage Australians to take this Pink Plum Blossom route to the UK – or to Europe, as opposed to the more traditional transit points of Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, mainland China, or the middle east.
The route was only introduced the A350 to Sydney as of December 2017, as well as the London Taipei schedule:

If you’re interested in reviews of Air China – pop over to the Design Air, and see what Johnny Clark thinks.


Timetable for China Airlines Taipei-London Route
Flight No. Route Departure/Arrival Time Flight Days Weekly Flights Aircraft
CI069 Taipei-London 09:30/15:30 Mon/Wed/Sat 4 A350
08:55/14:55 Fri
CI070 London-Taipei 21:15/18:30+1 Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat 4


Ok – first to book is a dirty rotten egg!

Love to hear from anyone who books this

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