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How to make sure you don’t get a table in restaurant Siberia

How to make sure you don’t get a table in restaurant Siberia

During the Christmas break, I had the good fortune to spend a few days in Byron Bay, staying with friends, and catching up with other friends who were visiting, or who live up there.

It was a very social time, so we ate out a lot.

Byron Bay Restaurants

Now, most of the restaurants in Byron don’t have a view, and other than being seated close to the bathrooms, don’t have a particular restaurant Siberia.

But, the Beach Cafe  – or more correctly now Beach, Byron Bay, does. The (former) Cafe, (but now) Restaurant runs in an ‘L’ shape around the kitchen/bar, with the one side of the ‘L’ providing breathtaking views of the beach.

a beach with people on it

. . . so there is a reason to be in that beach section of the ‘L’ shape. And preferably in the first 2 rows of tables. We were in the 2nd – cooler, but still with fantastic views. We asked for the front row – but we had not been savvy enough to request it at booking.

a table and chairs outside with a view of the ocean

Table location is as important as time, date and number of diners

And that’s my point. When you make a restaurant booking, add ‘table location’ to your list of date, time, number of diners. A friend of mine would never think of making a booking without asking which table she was being placed at, or specifying which section she wanted to be seated, or, just issuing a general instruction, if she doesn’t know the layout of the restaurant – ‘Don’t put us in Siberia!’

‘Cause, even if you are a queen, and have the number plate below – you won’t necessarily avoid restaurant Siberia.

the front of a car

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