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Qantas First Class Check In

Qantas First Class Check In
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As first time Qantas First Class flyers (I got two ‘firsts’ in that phrase!), we wanted the full experience, so arrived just after midday for our 3:50 pm flight.

The Arrival

When you arrive at Sydney Airport to check in for a Qantas flight at the ‘D counter’, you may notice a walled off marble and glass area at the end of the counters, with the simple sign: First. (back in 2007 we designers loved to place full-stops after. single. words.).

a room with red chairs and tables

Inside is a mini haven.  You leave your bags at the counter. (They have those hotel luggage trolleys, and given the huge baggage allowance, I’m not even sure they weigh it.) Your passport is borrowed by the check-in staff while you take a seat in a couple of Mark Newson designed dark red club chairs. Ten years on the furniture is looking ‘comfortable’, while the tables have their fair share of scuffs. Still, the overwhelming feeling is ‘relax’.


This is a far cry from the long queues outside jockeying for position, parents wrangling children, and a profusion of neck pillows. Here the staff tend to come to you.

Having admitted our virgin status as Qantas First Class flyers, the staff were solicitous, took photos of us and made sure we knew how to get to the first class lounge. We were issued with our ‘Express’ passes – although I’m never sure they’re worth it if you are using the electronic passport readers. It didn’t take us long to get through security, despite me having forgotten completely about liquids, and having to hastily collect them from my hand luggage and place them in a plastic bag. Next stop: Duty-Free.

Last Word

For someone who is anxious – not about flying, but about the lead up to travelling (passport, wallet, ticket!) – this is perfect. The relaxed check-in makes the process a joy. I could get used to this far too easily.

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