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I am a Qantas First Class Virgin

I am a Qantas First Class Virgin
Series: Trip: Russia for a birthday

Well, about 24 hours ago, that would have been true.

In fact up until then, I was almost a First Class virgin. That is if you don’t count an upgrade certificate from business to first on the return leg Bangkok-Sydney on Thai nearly a decade ago.

Through the diligent saving of Qantas points with a supplement from Amex, nearly 365 days ago, I booked two first class seats on QF1 to London. You see, 2017 happens to be a significant anniversary of my birth. You know one of those which ends with a zero. With the added contribution of points from my partner Mickaeli, we will be returning in about 6 weeks time on a Singapore Airlines A380, in a first class suite.

Collectively, these flights and the 6 weeks holiday in-between has been titled ‘The Feast of Stephen’.

Over the next few days, if I can fit it in around our extremely full cultural diary, I will be sharing my thoughts on Qantas’s chauffeur service, Sydney first class lounge, spa treatment, and A380 first class cabin and service.

Oh and as well as that, we are looking to some improvements to this website – which I hope to roll out over the next few weeks.

So – if you have been concerned about the lack of activity on this blog for the last few months – be concerned no more.

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