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TRIP REPORT: Introduction – my trip to Christchurch, New Zealand flying Emirates First Class on an A380

TRIP REPORT: Introduction – my trip to Christchurch, New Zealand flying Emirates First Class on an A380
Series: Christchurch to Sydney in Emirates First Class

As a travel blogger, I was determined to experience the shower-in-the-sky on Emirates. I had the time and the Qantas points to redeem. I hadn’t been to Christchurch since before the earthquake, so why not?


I booked this trip specifically so I could travel in First Class on the Emirates A380. The cal to experience both the service and more specifically, the onboard showers was irresistable! I had been feeling like I was the only airline and travel blogger who had not experienced and reviewed this experience. So, now was the time!

an airplane on the tarmac
EK413 flight between Christchurch and Sydney [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

Trip to Christchurch, New Zealand

I had not visited Christchurch in the south island of Aotearoa since the earthquake decimated the city back in 2011. I was interested in seeing how the city was faring now, more than 10 years after the quake. You can read my first impressions of the reconstructed city in a post I wrote soon after my return. As you will learn, I was a little shocked. Although the reconstruction is on a heroic scale, I was also disappointed at how fractured the cityscape still was.

a teddy bear next to a remote control
At The George, Christchurch, as a guest, you get your own signature Teddy. [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

The flight and hotel reviews

Reviews for this trip report include my experience at the Qantas First Lounge, Sydney, and the Sydney to Christchurch flight. QF139 on a Qantas 737-800.

I could have flown in the morning, and departed in the evening, not staying in the city. But I decided to spend two nights to experience Christchurch at The George Hotel. There will be a review of The George. Also some impressions of Christchurch’s new airport and the less-than-compelling Manaia Lounge which Emirates uses for premium flyers.

Finally, the main game is the review of the flight in Emirates First Class on an A380. Flight EK413 from Christchurch to Sydney. I’ll highlight the caviar service and of course the shower spa experience.

a bathroom with a shower and a door
Emirates First Class A380 shower suites [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

What I paid for these flights

QF139 between Sydney and Christchurch was bought as a one-way Business Class cash fare booked through the Qantas website. It was not cheap at AU$810, but purchased during a Double Status Credits promotion. So I got double the status credits than usual for my bucks.

The return journey was also booked via the Qantas website redeeming 64,500 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. The fees and charges were AU$120 for the roughly 3-hour and 20-minute flight in First Class on the Emirates A380.

If I had paid cash for the one-way First Class fare on Emirates, it would have been around ~AU$1,800 (I’m working from memory here). So the redemption was not outstanding value, but for the experience of having a shower in the air, value enough at 3¢ per point.

a table with plates of food and glasses of water
Emirates First Class caviar service [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

2PAXfly Takeout

This trip meant a visit to Christchurch over ten years after the earthquake. But the main reason for this trip was to sample Emirates First Class service, and the shower in the sky!

To give the ending away – yes it was worth it!

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