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TWU moves to xenophobia, racism and homophobia in dispute with Qantas

TWU moves to xenophobia, racism and homophobia in dispute with Qantas

The TWU has launched a website which mimics in design and content a Qantas public relations site as part of their campaign to gain support during its dispute with a variety of unions, including the Transport Workers Union.

The Qantas PR website is:

The TWU Website is:

If you can’t spot the difference, its between ‘com’ and ‘net’.

The sites mimic each other, strangely providing different figures on the number of flights and passengers that have been disrupted. The TWU website (10 Oct 2011 at 17:25 EST) accuses Qantas of disrupting less passengers and flights than the Qantas PR site does.

The more concerning aspect is the send-up video which has an actor portraying Alan Joyce with a stagey Irish accent. It trades in xenophobia, using fairly obvious racism to make its political point – that Qantas wants to start an offshoot in Asia, offshore new jobs, and that Alan Joyce was born in another country.  Given the interview with Joyce in the weekend papers, there is some implied homophobia thrown into the mix.

While I would defend any unions right to fairly negotiate with employers, including the use of industrial action, this video is disgraceful as it uses prejudice and perverted nationalism to make its point.

Shame on you TWU.

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