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Qantas Lounges soon to have Optus as their ISP

Qantas Lounges soon to have Optus as their ISP

Australian Business Traveller today reports that Qantas is ditching Telstra as its ISP in lounges, and has signed an agreement with Optus. This fits in with the Frequent Flyer points deal that Optus and Qantas have entered into.

Lets just hope that Optus as the new supplier provides a service that actually makes them look good. The previous provider Telstra provided a woeful service, that meant that only once in about 10 tries was I ever able to log on to their service in a Qantas lounge, and then it would stall or drop out. I never had the good experience that is reviewed here.

My advice to Optus – if you want this deal to work for you – provide knock-you-socks-off blistering wifi speeds in the Qantas lounges, and when those corporate types might swap their accounts to you. If you don’t, they will stick with Telstra, who like Qantas they love to hate – but who have better coverage. Better the devil you know.

Source: Australian Business Traveller

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