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PERTH AIRPORT: Flights cancelled at Perth Aiport, thousands stranded.

PERTH AIRPORT: Flights cancelled at Perth Aiport, thousands stranded.

Perth Airport is currently plagued by a refuelling issue that has grounded all domestic and international flights. This is disrupting the plans of thousands of travellers. It’s a holiday weekend in Perth, so many will have their holiday plans disrupted.

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The refuelling issue is affecting international and domestic flights on Saturday (1 June, 2024) flights. Essentially it appears that any aircraft that needs refueling for its onward journey is being cancelled. Flights into Perth, that depend on refueling there to keep to their schedule are also being cancelled. At least 11 flights have been cancelled, with many others listed as delayed, or with no status, according to the Airport website checked at 11:05am today.

There are 15 arrivals into Perth listed as cancelled including mostly domestic flights, but also some arrivals from Bali.

Qantas Terminal, Perth Airport 2023 [Schuetz/2PAXfly]
Qantas Terminal, Perth Airport 2023 [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

Load Pressure the cause

According to Perth Airport, it is a problem with load pressure in the fuel lines at the airport that fuel aircraft.

“Further cancellations are expected and in-bound flights which have not already left their departure points will also be impacted. Airlines have been advised not to send aircraft to Perth Airport until further notice unless they have sufficient fuel to make a return flight.”

Statement from Perth Airport (ABC News)

The only lights that appear to be operating are those to regional destinations in Western Australia. Examples are Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie and Geraldton. All Internationa flights appear to have been cancelled, or are listed as delayed.

The issue is having a major impact on the operations of the airport. The Airport is urging passengers to contact the airline they are booked with for further information.

Some incoming flights are being directed to regional airports. Its reported that a Philippined Airlines flight from Manila to Perth was redirected to Geraldton, about 420kms north of Perth.

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Perth Airport Hub, Terminal 1 concept plan 2018 [Perth Airport]

2PAXfly Takeout

This report of airport chaos comes a day after the airport along with Qantas was broadcasting the joy of finally reaching an agreement on the expansion of the Perth Airport to the biggest airport complex in Australia after Sydney Airport.

Hope fuel lines upgrade is in the plan!

I’ll update this story as it develops during the day.


  1. Bill

    Hi 2PAXfly

    There are only 2 oil refineries left in Australia, one in Queensland and one in Victoria. Together they are capable of supplying about 15–20% of Australia’s fuel needs. It is much cheaper to export oil and import refined fuel.

    I remember Tullamarine Melbourne running out of fuel about 7-8 years ago they had to divert planes to other airports. At the time it did not make the front pages but it was reported very small story at the time. The story disappeared soon after.

    Did Perth Airport experience some thing similar ? or are we blaming ” the fuel lines” ??

    • 2paxfly

      Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your comment. Strangely, I too remember the fuel shortage at Tullamarine. However, I think the problem in Perth was more mechanical, whether a machinery fault, or a physical blockage. I havn’t seen any follow up reports after the initial news. Let me follow it up and see what they say.

      Thanks again.


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