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BRITISH AIRWAYS: Super Jumbo A380 back on London/Singapore route with ‘convict’ class Club World

BRITISH AIRWAYS: Super Jumbo A380 back on London/Singapore route with ‘convict’ class Club World

British Airways (definitely not my favourite airline) is bringing back its Airbus A380 (definitely IS my favourite plane) daily, to service the London/Singapore route, from 31 March 2024.

  • BA11 7.30 am from T5 Heathrow, UK, 4.50 pm next day arrival in Singapore
  • BA12 11.20 pm from T1 Changi, Singapore, 6.15 am next day arrival in London
Screenshot of A380 ‘convict sardine’ layout of Business Class

Good and bad

ET is reporting that BA11/BA12 will use and A380, replacing the regular Boeing 777-300ER. That means an increase of 170 seats per flight given that the A380 has 469 seats compared to the 777s 299. Better still, the number of business seats basically doubles from 56 to 97.

The downside – there has to be one – is that kits the old hideous, sardine-like seats of Club World, versus the modern Club Suites on the 777. Upgrade in capacity, but downgrade in quality for the 13.5-hour trip.

a woman sitting in a chair in an airplane
British Airways 777 sardine Club World business class back in 2013

British Airways has committed to refurbishing the A380s, which means installation of a new First-Class, and Club Suites in Business

The other London-Singapore-Sydney service BA15/BA16 will also change aircraft from the current Boeing 787 to a Boeing 777 from late October 2023 through to 31 March 2024. Which means you can book Club Suites during that window. Then its back to the Dreamliner.

a seat in a vehicle
Club Suite [British Airways]

2PAXfly Takeout

British Airways is not my favourite airline whatever the aircraft or the seat product and configuration. However, if I was on BA, I would far prefer to travel in the Club Suites, rather than the pioneering but now completely outdated convict class eight across seats of Club World.

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