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CANBERRA AIRPORT: Baggage carousel ride gets man arrested by Australian Federal Police

CANBERRA AIRPORT: Baggage carousel ride gets man arrested by Australian Federal Police

In Australia’s national capital, Canberra Airport the Australian Federal Police (AFP) have charged two Queenslanders after an adult allegedly encouraged a child, 14, to enter a restricted area by riding on a baggage carousel.

Canberra Airport Group contacted AFP officers regarding the 2 July alleged incident, which was captured on security cameras. It is also alleged that the CCTV footage showed two men filming the child as he entered a secure area.

Police stopped a man, 58, and a child, 14, at Canberra Airport on 9 July, 2023 before their scheduled return flight to Queensland. A phone, which it is alleged contained footage of the incident, was seized.

Detective Acting Inspector Jon Horrocks said the AFP had zero tolerance for poor behavior at airports.

“Airport security is no joke and restrictions exist to ensure the safety and security of the travelling public and workers. Canberra Airport Group, the AFP and industry partners take any security breaches at airports seriously and people can be prosecuted if they commit a criminal offence.”

Detective Acting Inspector Jon Horrocks, Australian Federal Police

The two individuals were charged with entering a security restricted area at a designated airport contrary to regulation 3.16B of the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 (Cth).

The man is scheduled to appear before ACT Magistrates Court on 3 October, 2023.

Canberra Airport Qantas Lounbe
Canberra Airport, Qantas Lounge [Schuetz/2PAXfly]

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