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MALAYSIAN AIRLINES: From 1 July, Business Class and premium flyers get free WiFi

MALAYSIAN AIRLINES: From 1 July, Business Class and premium flyers get free WiFi

As reported by ET, Malaysian Airlines have confirmed that it will offer WiFi free to Business Class, and Platinum members of their Enrich Frequent Flyer program passengers across their fleet including on Airbus A350s and A330s starting 1 July 2023. Coincidence, that I will be flying with Malaysian later in July.

How Fast and How Much?

Don’t get your hopes up. We are not talking streaming speeds. Expect 512kps – not that is ‘kps’ and not MBS, and there will be a data capacity limit of 100MB/flight.

Pricing for those who have to pay, is expected to reflect current rates:

  • Lite package = US$2 for instant messaging and chat services up to 10Mb/speed 200Kbps
  • Social package = US$10 for light browsing, 50MB/512Kbps speed
  • Business package = US$25, data-capped at 200Mb/512Kbps.

Malaysian is also talking about extending WiFi to Gold Enrich members over time.

Which and how many planes

Malaysian is planning on rolling it out on all of its long haul fleet – around 20 aircraft. However, this may not happen all at once, with some aircraft scheduled for interior with the new business class Collins Super Diamond /Elevation model seats. Think British Airways, new business class.

a plane parked at an airport
Malaysian Airlines A330 at Kuala Lumpur Airport June 2023 [Mickaeli/2PAXfly]

2PAXfly Takeout

All airlines are moving in this direction. Do you remember when hotels first got WiFi you had to pay extra, initially even when you had status? Of course, now the internet is free or only requires no-cost sign-up to a loyalty program and giving away your personal data. I expect the same thing will happen with WiFi on aircraft, as the technology gets better and has more capacity.

Oh, and expect a review of Malaysian Airlines A330 flights between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur


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    You can’t be serious ?

    • 2paxfly

      Yep, been around for a long time. I have posts back to 2011!


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