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QANTAS: Red Tail Sale to the USA. Now until 19 April

QANTAS: Red Tail Sale to the USA. Now until 19 April

Now that the frequent flyer baiting Double Status Credits and Double Points promotion is over, Qantas is tempting price-sensitive travellers with fare discounts in this Red Tail Sale. Some of these airfares are nostalgic, with prices close to those regularly seen pre-pandemic.

There are good prices across all classes in this Red Tail Sale if you want to travel before the end of the 2023 financial year. In Business, the dates are all in the second half of 2023. In other classes, you have more of a choice of dates to travel spread across the year.

Below I have set out some screen grabs of routes, date availability and prices from the Qantas website.


This is better than the AU$20,000+ of a few months ago


Am I having a flashback – these prices are taking me back to 2019

Qantas Business class airfares to the USA Red Tail Sale

Premium Economy

My tip is to buy one of these with the intention of upgrading using points to business class.


Cattle class on a 14-hour flight is never pleasant, but you could take your chances and apply or bid for an upgrade to Premium or Business at these prices.

2PAXfly Takeout

If you are looking to travel in 2023 to the USA, then now is the time to buy. These Red Tale Sale fares are pretty good value for Qantas, so if you are a Flying Kangaroo loyalist, now is the time to buy. I would advise some comparison shopping on Google Flights, or similar to see whether these are the best prices on offer.

You may want to consider grabbing one of these fares, and then applying to upgrade. Cheap fares are used as incentives to fill flights that are selling poorly – so your chances for an upgrade may be improved. Use a tool like Expert Flyer to see how many seats in what classes and fare buckets are available.

Get onto booking now, because most won’t last until the sale closing date of 19 April.

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