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QANTAS: Sale fares to Santiago, Chile, South America. Time to visit Machu Piccu

QANTAS: Sale fares to Santiago, Chile, South America. Time to visit Machu Piccu

The East coast of Australia route to Santiago, Chile, formerly using a 747-400 Jumbo was discontinued in late March 2020 when virtually all international flying by Qantas ceased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Qantas resumed flights to the Chilean capital using a 787 Dreamliner in October 2022.

Santiago is the gateway that Qantas uses into South America as a whole from which you can fly onto Rio, Buenos Aires etc, probably with LATAM. Although South American LATAM Airlines has left the OneWorld alliance (from 1 May 2020), it is still a partner airline to Qantas, so you still get some benefits such as lounge access in Buenos Aires, Bogota, Miami, Santiago, and Sao Paulo depending on your class of travel and your Frequent Flyer status with Qantas.

Iguazu Falls with trees and blue sky
Iguazu Falls


Qantas is now selling some ‘discounted’ airfares for particular periods in 2023 as part of its ‘Red Tale Sale‘ for fares out of Adelaide Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. You have between now and midnight on Monday 20 March to purchase:

Economy Deal

  • From Sydney or Brisbane (7 May to 27 June 2023) AU$1,499
  • From Melbourne (2 September to 16 November 2023) AU$1,499
  • From Adelaide and Perth (7 May to 27 June 2023) AU$1,799

Premium Economy Deal

  • From Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney (24 March to 20 November 2023) AU$2,799
  • From Adelaide (24 March to 20 November 2023) AU$2,799
  • From Perth (24 March to 20 November 2023) AU$3,099

Business Deal

  • From Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney (21 May to 22 October 2023) AU$5,999
  • From Melbourne (2 September to 2 November 2023) AU$5,999
  • From Perth (21 May to 22 October 2023) AU$6,499
a large bird with wings and a flag in front of a crowd
Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro

2PAXfly Takeout

With Machu Picchu in Peru back open, there is no reason for you not to go. Well, there is one reason, none of these dates falls in the Carnival season, which is usually in February. That’s the only reason to delay your travel.

South America is amazing. I speak from personal experience. Go!

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