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QANTAS: Back to international flying in December despite massive loss

QANTAS: Back to international flying in December despite massive loss

Qantas has recorded a AU1.83 billion pre-tax loss for last financial year. That has been well received, as the market was expecting an even bigger loss above AU1.9 billion.

Return to international travel

What’s even more interesting is that Qantas has dot pointed the steps for its return to international travel.

• Gradual restart planned around National Cabinet’s phased reopening of international borders.

• Current date of December 2021 remains in reach, based on pace of vaccine rollout.

• Plans remain dependent on Government decisions in coming months, including future quarantine requirements.

• Destinations with high vaccination rates are initial focus, including North America, UK, Singapore, Japan.

• Early return of five A380s to meet high demand to Los Angeles and London from mid-2022.

• Total of 10 A380s with upgraded cabins to return to service; two to be retired.

Qantas Media Release

And as a reminder, here is what National Cabinet is planning for reopening international borders and travel:

  • Triggered when vaccine rate among eligible Australians reaches 80 per cent
  • Highly targeted lockdowns only
  • No caps on returning vaccinated Australians
  • Lift all restrictions on outbound travel for vaccinated Australians
  • Extend travel bubble for unrestricted travel to new candidate countries
  • Gradual reopening of inward and outward international travel with safe countries and proportionate quarantine and reduced requirements for fully vaccinated inbound travellers

I’m just sifting through the document and will report more fully later today. But can I just say that although I really want Australia to return to international travel as early as possible, with present infection rates I think December might be optimistic!

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