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VIRGIN AUSTRALIA: Double Status Credits – Is it worth it? – be quick!

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA: Double Status Credits – Is it worth it? – be quick!

Virgin Australia launched – a bit quietly – a double status credits offer yesterday. You need to get in quick since you only have 11 days to take advantage of the offer, and you have to travel by the end of March 2023. First off you need to ‘activate’ the offer either on the app or on the website.

On the Website

Log into the velocity website, and then:

  • click on My Velocity
  • go to My Offers
  • find the Bonus Status Credits offer tile
  • select ‘activate’ and you are done

On the App

Open the App, and find the listed promo on the opening page under ‘Featured Offers’

Fine Print

You can get the Double Status Credits on all of the Virgin Australia network – domestic, NZ and other international short haul. You will need a valid Velocity membership, and enter your number on the booking. The cut off for booking is midnight on Friday 10 February, 2023.

Excluded from the offer are any codeshare tickets/flights with partner airlines. You have to make a new booking, the offere is not retrospective, and does not apply to flights already booked. Obviously this offer does not apply to Velocity reward bookings.

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2PAXfly Takeout

Unless you are already an extreme frequent Virgin flyer, or you only have a few points to collect to re-qualify or upgrade your membership tier, this is not a great offer.

For example, I am have around 250 status credits currently, and need 400 status credits to re-qualify. So, I need 150 to re-qualify. On my frequent route of Adelaide-Sydney, that would take 3 sectors in Business (55 SCs x 3) or 6 sectors – 3 return trips (25 SCs x 6) on a Flex fare, or 10 sectors on a Choice fare (15 SCs x 10). With Double Status Credits, that comes down to 1.5 sectors in Business; 3 sectors on Flex, and 5 on a Choice fare.

Hmmm I could do a sector in Business (110 Status Credits) and the return sector on a Flex fare (50 SCs) and then I would qualify . . . and I could do that before the end of March. Actually, Maybe it is worth it!

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