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SINGAPORE AIRLINES: Updates ‘Singapore Girl’ to ‘World Class’

SINGAPORE AIRLINES: Updates ‘Singapore Girl’ to ‘World Class’

Singapore Airlines has used the ‘Singapore Girl’ promotion concept as the centre of its branding since its inception in 1972. The brand uses an attractive young woman dressed in a version of the traditional Sarong Kabaya.

In an age of equality, that concept was beginning to be quite stale, if not a little offensive.

Singapore Airlines has released a new promotional video that substantially updates that persona today. The Singapore Girl portrayed, although not referred to as such, demonstrates quite a bit of autonomy:

Directed by filmmaker Liz Murphy, the video was filmed in Singapore, Auckland in New Zealand, Barcelona in Spain, Mumbai in India, and Shanghai in China.

That original Singapore Girl was a little corny, and always doing other people a favour. In this new incarnation, she is much more independent, and in charge of herself, but still fun-loving, and charming. In those essential qualities, the branding is consistent throughout the decades.

And here for contrast, is the original ad campaign:

2PAXfly Takeout

It’s been a consistent and recognisable element of their marketing throughout their existance. It promotes an image of impecable service, which in my experience is largely delivered especially in their premium cabins. I had a very memorable trip with them in First Class Suites back in 2016.

Can’t wait to get back into the air with Singapore Airlines.

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