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VIRGIN AUSTRALIA: Status credits on reward seats offer extended ’til end July 2022

VIRGIN AUSTRALIA: Status credits on reward seats offer extended ’til end July 2022

I missed this last week, so this is a bit of a catch-up post for those thinking of amassing Virgin Status Credits. Given the way, Qantas seems to be treating its customers and staff, maybe with Virgin’s low business fares, chasing status with them is a better option than with Qantas.

Bonus Status Credits

These have been offered for a while, but the eligibility period has been extended to 30 June 2022 for domestic bookings. Virgin reclassified its fare classifications back in August 2021, so the number of status credits you will earn depends on when you booked – whether before or after 19 August 2021:

Charts from Virgin Australia Website

Status Credits on Reward flights

This is a bonus! You can earn status credits on redeemed rewards flights until the end of July 2022. This is a great way to up your status credits especially if you are on the cusp of reaching Gold or Platinum, both giving you lounge access. Normally you only earn these credits on paid flights, so now it doesn’t matter if you redeem points, or pay cash.

2PAXfly Takeout

Well, I did predict this would happen soon, and it looks like they left it until the beginning of 2023 to make the announcements.

If Virgin Australia did not fly out of the horror that is Terminal 2 in Sydney, I would fly them more regularly. Their other advantages are reasonable business class fares, the pre flight drinks in business and OK lounges but with better food than Qantas. The Sydney lounge is also a little small and gets very crowded, and they are currently not serving spirits. I find myself booking flights out of Sydney on Qantas, but often booking the return leg on Virgin. The lounge in Adelaide, my regular destination, is fresh and bright, as is the one in Melbourne, which I am yet to visit. If I didn’t have a ton of credit with Qantas – I’d travel on Virgin more often.

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