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Virgin Australia: New VAX requirements for international travel

Virgin Australia: New VAX requirements for international travel

Ok, these new rules are no surprise. Basically, they mirror domestic conditions, along with international guidelines for most other airlines:

  • Fully vaccinated using a Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved vaccine; or
  • are under the age of 12 at departure; or
  • an Australian child between 12& 17 at departure:
    • either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated; and
    • entering Australia through New South Wales, Victoria or the ACT; and
    • traveling with their fully vaccinated parents or guardian; or
  • cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons (with approved evidence & subject to state/territory requirements). 

If you don’t or can’t meet these guidelines, and have a ticket already, then apply for a refund, or you can re-schedule your flight fee-free.

That is all.

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