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COVID-19: Lockdowns to lift in two states – Victoria and South Austalia

COVID-19: Lockdowns to lift in two states – Victoria and South Austalia

Victoria will come out of lockdown at 11:59 pm tonight. Some restrictions will remain for a further 2 weeks.

Schools, gyms and restaurants (4 m2 density limit apply) in Victoria will reopen tomorrow. Home visits are still banned for another 2 weeks. Masks on everywhere!

South Australia – no new cases

With the southern state reporting no new cases today, current lockdown conditions are to be lifted at midnight tonight. However, mask-wearing is mandated in certain situations. You should check the health guidance.

State by state travel advice

The suspensions of lockdown in SA and Victoria is likely to affect border travel restrictions between those states, and other states not in lockdown. To check on restrictions in your state, see below:


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I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

Good news for those in other states. Here in NSW we have to wait until tomorrow to hear our fate. Rumour being, and based on the increased numbers today, expect another 2 to 4 weeks of lockdown. Hello August.

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