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#TBT: Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

#TBT: Intercontinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong

Don’t confuse this with the other hotel of the same name, except for the ‘Grand Stanford’ part. Whereas the IHG Hong Kong, with its stunning views is one of the great hotels of the world, with welcoming and hospitable staff, the Grand Stanford is a little bit, well, less.

a city skyline reflected in water
The view from the closed for renovation Intercontinental/Regent Hong Kong to re-open in 2022.


We wanted a romantic night or two before venturing on to Macau. Our preference would have been the glory of the other Intercontinental Hong Kong, that has really spectacular views of the harbour, and excellent service, but the price for rooms over there were extortionate. Not that the prices at the Grand Stanford weren’t!

In fact, the other Intercontinental is now closed, and scheduled to re-open in 2022 as a Regent brand hotel, which is ironic since that was its branding way back in 1980 when it first opened. Given the pandemic, they have timed this renovation rather well.

Back to the Grand Stanford . . .

a large building next to a body of water

Booking & Price

Stay: 20 to 22 March 2016
Stars: 5
Room: King Premier Full Harbour View
Size: 28 – 32 sqm (305 – 350 sqf)
Bed: King
Per Night Average: ~AU$383 (pre-pay, non-refundable)
Phone: 852-2721-5161

a sign with text and symbols on it

That big block that has the text ‘In case of emergency . . .’ is an atrium, with solid walls, which makes it look a little like a prison.

The Room

Let me start by saying that this is ranked as a 5-star property, but really, its a 4-star property with great views – especially if you haven’t stayed at the other Intercontinental. The problem is, I have, in a junior suite with a spectacular harbour view, and so it’s impossible not to compare the two hotels. Unfortunately, the Grand Stanford comes off second best.

The room was excellent, with those floor to ceiling windows to the harbour, even if it seemed overcast most of the time during our stay. One wall – behind the bed was mirrored which amplified the view into the room.

a room with a bed and a mirror
Sorry about that unmade bed, but you know – naps.

As well as a lounge chair, there are two armed dining chairs, suitable for eating or working at the round table that doubles as a desk. Everything was approaching five-star standard, and the block-out blinds were excellent.

a white towel from a shower

The Bathroom

The grey marbled single sink bathroom was compact but well laid out without a bath. Toiletries were standard Intercontinental ‘Agraria’ from San Francisco with a delightful lemon verbena scent. Bathrobes were soft towelling and didn’t exhibit any alien features.

a pair of gold shoes
Shoes for bound feet

Hong Kong Museum of History

We only had 2 days before heading off to Macau. I had read about the Hong Kong Museum of History, so we trudged off there expecting to idle away an hour or so. Nearly 4 hours later we emerged having been fascinated by everything from an outline of the indigenous inhabitants of Hong Kong Island and shoes for women with bound feet, through to the delightful re-creation of a 1950’s cafe pictured below.

a pink and white tiled wall with a table and chairs

I highly recommend a visit when you are next in Hong Kong.

2PAXfly Takeout

This is a good hotel, which depending on the time of year can be booked for a reasonable price. If you want views, it is a good substitute while the other Intercontinental is being refurbished.

It’s really the service and overall ambience of the place that puts it below the 5-star category. Have a look at this pseudo-English posh pub/whiskey bar with a Belle Epoque stained-glass dome. Truly an interior design horror. Get the idea?

a stained glass ceiling with a stained glass window above a bar
There should be no place for chalked signs in a 5 star hotel – even in the bar.

Hong Kong runs a fierce and very expensive hotel market, although recent troubles plus the pandemic seem to have reduced prices here at the end of 2020.

Would I stay here again . . . I would consider it, but I am more likely to forego the view and revisit somewhere like the Icon, which I will be reviewing later in this series. Then again, there are so many stunning hotels in Hong Kong, I am bound to try another.

This has been a short and sharp ‘review’ of the hotel based on memory and limited photographic evidence. I’m not going to give it a percentage rating for that reason.

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