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Qantas: crew test POSITIVE for COVID-19 – exempt from quarantine

Qantas: crew test POSITIVE for COVID-19 – exempt from quarantine

Oh dear!. The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that four Qantas crew members on the repatriation flight from Sydney, who were exempt from quarantine, have since tested positive for the coronaviris.

This jeopardises the quarantine exemption granted by the Australian Department of Health and Border Force for Qantas staff, and therefore the economics of future repatriation flights.

The government was planning on working with Qantas and Virgin Australia on repatriation flights to Auckland, Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles to return stranded Australians.

You can read the emerging story at the Sydney Morning Herald website.

2PAXfly Takeout

Viruses have no prejudice on the basis of status or employment. They don’t discriminate between passengers and flight crew. Apparently Border Force and the federal Health Department thought they did.

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