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AIRBNB: ‘illegal’ in the Australian state of New South Wales

AIRBNB: ‘illegal’ in the Australian state of New South Wales

The NSW minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson has today announced that it is now illegal for anyone in the Australian state of New South Wales, which covers the capital, Sydney to stay in and Airbnb or any simlar short term letting accommodation.

To be found in such accommodation as opposed to your home is to risk a fine, or even imprisonment.

New South Wales was scheduled to make an announcement about a code-of-conduct for the short-term rental accommodation industry this Friday, but it has apparently been shelved.

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I love digital, except when my phone dies, which happened to me on the last night of my recent visit to New Zealand

This is a reasonable move to discourage city folk from trotting off to their favourite regional area to practice their social distancing. Rural and remote areas are discouraging it anyway. Devestating for those who make their income from Airbnb, and associated industries like Real Estate. Not to mention a bunch of cleaners up in Byron Bay, will for the moment not be able to charge their extortionate fees for holiday let cleaning, because, there shouldn’t be holidaymakers up there!

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