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Trump bans travel from Europe to the USA

Trump bans travel from Europe to the USA

The US President Donald Trump has announced a ban on all travel from continental Europe to the USA for the next 30 days. The ban does not apply to the United Kingdom – because of Brexit?

Here is President Trump’s address via NBC.

So, here is the announcement in summary:

  • Ban on travellers from Continental Europe to the USA
  • The ban starts from Friday13 March (!) midnight USA East Coast time.
  • There will be exceptions for USA Citizens who have already been screened.
  • The USA will review current restrictions on South Korea and China, depending on any improvement, with a view to a ‘possible early opening’.
  • USA Health funds industry have agreed to suspend all co-payments for COVID-19 related treatments.
  • Trump is asking for Congress to approve unprecedented financial aid for workers who are ill, quarantined, or caring for others due to COVID-19.
  • Aid for small business through low-interest loans. Increased funding of US$50B.
  • Deferred tax for affected businesses and individuals to the tune of US$200B
  • Trump is calling for immediate payroll tax relief

2PAXfly Takeout

This is a bold move for Trump. But one he has to blame someone for – in this case, Europe.

Is the travel ban going to stop or slow transmission? Well possibly, but it is no panacea.

The financial relief also relies on approval by congress. It’s also really an economic announcement, rather than a health initiative, other than the flight ban.

For the travel and airline industry – this is really bad.

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