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Double Status Credits! Qantas exhumes loyalty dinasour!

Double Status Credits! Qantas exhumes loyalty dinasour!

Well, we thought these were ‘dead, buried, cremated‘, but apparently not.

Details you need to know

ThisQantas Double Status Credits offer has the following conditions:

  • You have to register
  • You have to login as a frequent flyer
  • You have to book between now (20 February 2020) and midnight (OK 11:59 pm to be precise) on 25 February
  • Your booked travel needs to be between 28 February 2021 and 14 February 2021 (a Qantas booking ‘year’)
  • The booking must be on Qantas operated flight on a QF flight number on a ticket where Status Credits are usually earned.

There is no limit to the number of eligible flights you can book. It’s a great way to accelerate an increase or retention of your status. But it might take six weeks for your points to be credited.

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Where’s the trap here?

Well, I’m pretty sure there is one. On a quick search around the Qantas website, all fares are higher than they were a week or two ago.

For example, the lowest fare 6 weeks out between Sydney and Adelaide I can find is AU$180, when it is normally AU$160. Admittedly, you can get fares of AU$155 if you go further out.

We booked a fare in November 2019 between Sydney and New York via LAX for AU$6,263. Admittedly, that was a great fare special promotion. Flights for the same days, same places booked today is AU$8,684. So today, you would be paying about AU$2,410 extra for those additional status credits.

Have a look at fares between Sydney and New Zealand, and I reckon business class fares have gone up AU$200 to AU$300 one way.

How much worth it does this promotion seem now?

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Doing it tough

There is no mistaking that Qantas and most airlines around the world are going to be doing it tough for the next 3 to 6 months, with Coronavirus and its ramifications for business and travel. But, go into this Qantas Double Status Credits promotion with your eyes wide open. You will be paying more for your fare. But if Status is more important than money, then go for it.

If money is more important than status, then I am pretty sure you will find another round of Qantas fare specials and promotions that will discount the cost, rather than the status.

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2PAXfly Takeout

Will I be taking advantage of this promotion? Probably. Will I book a squadron of fares? Probably not.

This promotion is the only way I am likely to retain my Platinum Status, but I am not sure I am prepared to pay the fare premium Qantas is essentially charging.

Although airlines, including Qantas, are reducing flights in the light of the Coronavirus crisis, I still think there will be some bargains to be had out there, and I might just wait for them to appear.

Are there some sweet-spot deals in terms of destinations and status credits – probably – if you can find them.

Finally – please go forward and register, and search for deals – but check with Google flights or other sites, that you are not overpaying just to get a few status credits – unless you are happy to pay for the privilege.

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