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Qantas: Iran/Iraq troubles add a stop to 787 Perth to London direct flights

Qantas: Iran/Iraq troubles add a stop to 787 Perth to London direct flights

As a result of the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Suleimani by a US drone, the resulting Iranian missile attacks on Iraqi bases where American troops are stationed and the crash of a Ukranian Airlines 737-800 outside of Tehran, the US Federal Aviation Administration has banned US carriers from flying over much of the Middle East, including, Iran, Iraq, the Gulf of Oman and parts of the Persian Gulf.

It looks like Qantas, who tend on the side of caution in these circumstances, will also adopt the ban on flying over these parts of the world. This will substantially affect the economics of the direct 787 Dreamliner direct flights between Perth and London.

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Implications for the Perth to London route

Avoiding the area by using a longer route will require additional fuel, which will mean either adding a stop – possibly in Singapore or Hong Kong or losing about 90 passengers, which would gravely affect the economics of the route.

So QF9 if ‘catching’ it from the east coast of Australia could become a two-stop flight, which you have to pay a premium for! There will be no need to make an adjustment to QF10, the return London to Perth flight, as this has the advantage of substantial tailwinds, which will negate the need for more fuel.

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2PAXfly Takeout

This additional stop, making it two stops to London from the east coast of Australia would send me back to QF1 on an A380 via Singapore, at a lower cost, and with the option of visiting the new Qantas First lounge in Singapore. Oh yes, it would be quicker on the way over, and probably cheaper.

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