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Boeing: 737 MAX pilots need to do simulator training – now you tell us!

Boeing: 737 MAX pilots need to do simulator training – now you tell us!

If Boeing had made this decision several years ago, and not cut corners with assurances to purchasers and regulators that re-training on simulators was unnecessary for pilots already qualified to fly earlier versions of the 737, then, maybe, 346 people might not have died in two crashes of their 737 MAX planes.

It is possibly a long bow to draw and a conclusion that should be left to the various government and regulatory enquiries into the crashes and suspension of the model.

By Boeing media statement:

‘Boeing is recommending 737 MAX simulator training in addition to computer based training for all MAX pilots prior to return to service of the 737 MAX. This recommendation takes into account our unstinting commitment to the safe return of service as well as changes to the airplane and test results. Final determination will be established by the regulators. 

“Safety is Boeing’s top priority,” said interim Boeing CEO Greg Smith. “Public, customer and stakeholder confidence in the 737 MAX is critically important to us and with that focus Boeing has decided to recommend MAX simulator training combined with computer-based training for all pilots prior to returning the MAX safely to service.” ‘Boeing media release

Darn, tootin’ it is ‘critically important’ to your companies bottom line. The MAX could send you broke. Plus you are going to have to compensate all those airlines you previously promised that no simulator training would be necessary.

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Kind of, no words. Hubris defining.

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