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Emirates: Nixes daily Brisbane-Singapore-Dubai flights

Emirates: Nixes daily Brisbane-Singapore-Dubai flights

From March 30, 2020 Emirates will cease its EK432/433 flights between Brisbane and Dubai via Singapore. The 2:35am departure time has always put this flight at a disadvantage compared to Singapore Airlines and Qantas.

Withdrawl from the route was subject to approval by Singapore’s competition watchdog, which has just been given on the grounds that it will not disadvantage Singaporeans.

Most passengers will be contacted by Qantas or Emirates, depending on who sold them the ticket. If you booked through a travel agent – contact them, and get them to sort it out.

Emirates foreshadowed the withdrawal from this route back in September 2019, citing increased competition (from Singapore Airlines) and declining patronage.

Singapore Airlines, with its four daily flights from Brisbane, and using larger planes, is getting close to transporting about two-thirds of the passengers on this route, relegating Qantas to under 20%. Given the apparent overcapacity, no one will be ‘taking up the slack’ once Emirates pulls out.

2PAX Takeout

While this Emirates route does exist, it’s worth booking if you are heading to Singapore from Brisbane, as the Economy fare on Google Flights runs most of the time about AU$200 cheaper than the next cheapest flight (often Qantas).

For Business Class – which is where I would prefer to be on a 2:45am flight, Singapore is often the cheapest at around the AU$3,300 mark.

If you want to travel in First Class out of Brisbane to Singapore, then you should mourn this loss. Emirates is currently the only airline running a direct flight out of Brisbane to Singapore, with a first-class cabin, but on a 777 so no on-board showers.

After March, presuming neither Qantas or Singapore Airlines changes aircraft, there will be no first-class cabin on this route.

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