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Cathay Pacific: upgrades to Business and First service

Cathay Pacific: upgrades to Business and First service

Cathay Pacific has not had a great time lately given the troubles in its homeport of Hong Kong.

Oh, look over there!

Well in the age-old tradition of distraction, or ‘look over there’ – Cathay Pacific is indulging passengers with an:

‘… elevated premium travel experience.’

Cathay Pacific Media Release

Now – I think all airlines should review and improve their service on a regular basis in all cabins. What I don’t think they should do is describe it while they murder the English language with publicity speak.

First, they are arcing up their ‘culinary offerings‘ (= food) in premium classes. Ready for hyperbole overload? Accents are mine:

‘Premium passengers can now enjoy a new, more bespoke First Class customer journey centred on enjoying inspired flavours, calming fragrances and refined textures whenever they travel. Exquisite bedding and amenities along with wellness options and tableware have all been elevated with new and enhanced offerings.’

Cathay Pacific Media Release

Who writes this shit?

a woman sleeping in a bed
First Class bedding and amenities

If you are in business then you . . .

‘… can bask in an enriched sleep proposition that includes newly introduced and greatly enhanced bedding and slippers, ensuring passengers arrive at their destinations refreshed and ready for what awaits them.’

Cathay Pacific Media Release


Cathay has a contract with UK company Bamford to supply amenities, travel kits and bedding for business and first passengers.

More hyperbole . . .

The epitome of sophistication and comfort, the elevated Cathay Pacific First Class begins as soon as passengers enter the cabin with a new service moment in the form of a welcome reception tray.

Cathay Pacific Media Release

You just can’t make this stuff up! That ‘service moment’, is actually a welcome note with your name on it, a hot towel and a glass of tea. Or if you prefer in publicity speak:

‘This includes a personalised welcome note along with a hot towel and a glass of refreshing sparkling jasmine silver needle tea from another of our partners, JING.’

Cathay Pacific Media Release
a person holding a glass of wine
First Class meal service


Cathay is joining a worldwide trend of providing some lighter and healthier food options, as well as serving them on new Noritake china, Robert Welch flatware and Reidel glassware.

The Amenity kits are also ditching plastic bottles (only for first – missing a moment to shout about their policy for plastic use reduction – which they should have) and replacing them with glass.

I’m sure you will all be flocking to buy tickets so you can experience the ‘Botanic Pillow Mist’ which is:

‘a key feature of Cathay Pacific’s new turndown service.

Cathay Pacific Media Release
a small brown bag on a table next to a window
Cathay Pacific Business Class amenities

Business bedding

In business, you are reduced to 400 threat count manchester (first gets 600!), new bed topper, slippers, duvet and larger pillow.

In business, you just get a unisex amenity kit also from Bamford.

2PAXfly Takeout

Now, I do love the small service touches when flying in premium cabins, so all these bits and pieces I do regard as improvements.

What I don’t like is all the hyperbole, the meaningless adjectives, and the advertising jargon used instead of plain language, in an attempt to make it all sound much more important than it is.

Instead, it makes it all sound like a cheap con rather than an ‘enhancement’.

Cut the hyperbole Cathay, and give us some plain speaking.

a pair of slippers on a bed
New Business bedding and amenities

All images are from Cathay Pacific.

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