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First Impressions: Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia

First Impressions: Majestic Roof Garden Hotel, Adelaide, South Australia

Does the name hint at a Chinese aesthetic?

Is it just me or does the ‘Majestic Roof Garden Hotel’ give off a Chinese vibe, just like the ‘Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ has a subcontinental vibe?

a bed in a hotel room
Bedroom view at night

Full on frosty white compact fluro’s are not welcoming

This hotel is perfectly serviceable – not hospitable, serviceable. It has almost everything you need, but the fittings are domestic grade rather than commercial grade, which means they are not faring well with the rough and tumble of daily commercial use.

a white sign with red and blue text

Right at the heart of Adelaide’s East End, this hotel sits on Frome Road, and is close to such breakfast (lunch and dinner) sensations as Hey Jupiter, a great french bistro.

As the name suggests, there is a roof top garden – but it was non-operational on my visit. I’m not sure this was due to the time of year (mid May) or because I stayed on school nights, not the weekend.

It provides a great alternative to the central, central business district hotels like the Intercontinental or the Mayfair, or Hilton (with which it shares a certain IKEA aesthetic), or even the Waymouth Peppers.

a group of tables and chairs outside
The Rooftop garden, non-operational on my visit


I realised that I am addicted to feather pillows – when the only choice was synthetic foam, either in blocks or chunks.

a bathroom with a glass shower

Slippers and Robes – where are you?

None here. I like slippers, because I don’t trust carpets to be sanitised regularly, and lets face facts the same things that walk on dog poo, walk on hotel carpets, and then you walk on them.

Robes are just a decent civilising influence on the world, and are a delight to use when you get out of bed, or out of the shower. I know they are a cost to a hotel, but they are also an attractor for this particular guest.

Take Out

This is a fine hotel. Other than the exceptions pointed out above (robes, slippers, feather pillows) it has everything you need, especially if quality furnishings, any aesthetic, and and actual view are things you can do without.

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