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Introduction: Sydney-Brisbane-Christchurch – The best laid plans . . .

Introduction: Sydney-Brisbane-Christchurch – The best laid plans . . .
Series: Auckland Points Run

You can read about why I booked this Status points run, and how much each of the Status Credits cost me.

Plans Change

Well, there are some things that you can’t change, one of those is a minor, family, health, inconvenient, emergency.

I won’t be doing all of this trip since I need to be back in Sydney on day 2 of the trip when I was due to be on a plane to Christchurch. More about cancelling that flight below.

What’s in the Trip Report?

I won’t be reviewing my trip between Sydney and Brisbane, as it will be in Qantas Economy, which is nothing particular to write about – unless something noteworthy happens.

I will be reviewing:

  • my stay at the Pullman Brisbane Airport
  • Qantas International Business Club in Brisbane (if I get there early enough)
  • Brisbane to Christchurch in Qantas Business
  • Crown Plaza Christchurch
  • Qantas Club Brisbane

Qantas Premium Call Centre

I had to call to work out what my entitlement was when cancelling the Brisbane – Christchurch – Brisbane legs of this Journey. I used their call back service, and Michelle called me back about 20 minutes later (promise was 11 to 14 minutes).

My fear was that I would lose the whole fare – just shy of AU$1,000. However, I was forgetting that this was a booked Discount Business airfare and not my usual Red e-Deal. In fact, as I learnt later – you don’t lose your money on a Red e-Deal either.

Qantas would hold the full amount as a credit through until 13 August 2019. So I have lost my status run opportunity which would have doubled my earned status credits giving me 360 status credits instead of the usual 180, for a cost of AU$3.65 per status credit point.

But – as it turns out, maybe not entirely. Diligent Michele, called her betters to answer my question about if I would retain my double status credits if I rebooked something. We both had to wait for a while, but eventially the word came back, that the double status credits are tied to the date when you made the original booking – so if you re-schedule, and are still within the original dates of the double status credits deal (presumably) then double status credits still apply. The downside is that the special is not available anymore, and there is a $175 change fee (plus any fare difference) due when I rebook.

Wait for another deal . . .

If you remember, the other aspect to this booking was that it was a particularly well-priced airfare. So all I have to do is bide my time and find another fabulously priced international deal that will earn me approximately the same number of points, cost equal or greater than this fare, and I will still qualify for Platinum this year.

a bed with pillows and a lamp


Fortunately, my Christchurch Hotel was booked through and was not prepaid, so the cancellation cost nothing. Since I was still using the Brisbane leg – no refund on the Pullman Brisbane Airport was due, and my review of the stay will appear here later in the month.

What I have learnt

  • Life is full of surprises
  • Qantas premium call centre can be nicer and more helpful than you think
  • Make sure you read hotel booking conditions carefully, and if you book a no refund rate – be prepared for no-refund
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