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Endangered Species – The Party Pie – reappears at Adelaide Qantas Club

Endangered Species – The Party Pie – reappears at Adelaide Qantas Club

One of Australia’s greatest gifts to the world – the Party Pie has made a re-appearance at the Adelaide Qantas Club.

Most recently it has had to fight off the challenge of the imported species ranging from ‘pasta with pumpkin’, to (god help us) ‘soy chicken wings’.

Endangered species

Surviving in prodigious numbers at all Australian Qantas Clubs until a few years ago, its absence at peak periods (its natural habitat) has been noticed and mourned.

If we had known it was on the endangered list, we would have launched a campaign.

Small pocket survives!

But hidden away, in the small but stunning Adelaide Qantas lounge it appears to have laid dormant only to appear in December 2018 amid delayed flights caused by monsoonal weather in Sydney and along the eastern seaboard.

Captive breeding program to be congratulated

Congratulations for the Adelaide Qantas Club for your environmental endeavours that have preserved this endangered species. Many a businessman in my queue is very happy – except, you have run out of sauce!

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