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Qantas A380 returns to Singapore, abandons Dubai. Australians experience religious ecstacy!

Qantas A380 returns to Singapore, abandons Dubai. Australians experience religious ecstacy!
Hands up who saw this coming?

Qantas is abandoning flights to Dubai. Wait for it –

It will now (as of March 25, 2018) re-route QF 1 and QF2 flights via Singapore and upgrade one Melbourne – Singapore flight from an A330 to an A380.

Melbourne-Dubai-London route is also being abandoned. Melbourne travelers will now reach London via Perth on the 787.

As a Sydney sider who loves Asia, and has a soft spot for Qantas (don’t get too cocky – my airline affections turn on a dime!) this is great news. No longer will we have to endure that sort of nowhere feeling of Dubai (actually I have only been once), but will be able to embrace the full-on fun of Singapore.

These new routings will be available for booking from tomorrow (Friday 1st September)

3 Routes to Europe

Qantas flyers will after March 2018 have three possible one-stop routes to Europe:

  • via Perth – on Qantas metal (787 from Melbourne to London)
  • via Dubai – on Emirates metal only
  • via Singapore – on Qantas metal (A380’s mainly)

From Alan Joyce:

“Our partnership has evolved to a point where Qantas no longer needs to fly its own aircraft through Dubai, and that means we can redirect some of our A380 flying into Singapore and meet the strong demand we’re seeing in Asia.

“Improvements in aircraft technology mean the Qantas network will eventually feature a handful of direct routes between Australia and Europe, but this will never overtake the sheer number of destinations served by Emirates and that’s why Dubai will remain an important hub for our customers.”

So what does this mean for Frequent Flyer points and status?

Well, it doesn’t change much, your earn rate will depend on whether you book on a QF flight number or an Emirates one. Remember that if you book on an Emirates one, you will earn at the partner rate, and not get status credits. That’s correct, isn’t it?

Summary of CHANGES FROM MARCH 2018:
  • Three hub options between Australia and UK/Europe – Dubai, Perth, and Singapore.
  • From 25 March 2018, QF 1/2 A380 service will be Sydney – London via Singapore
  • Other Sydney – Singapore service will remain on A330
  • From 25 March 2018, QF35/36 Melbourne – Singapore service will be upgraded to an A380
  • From 25 March 2018, QF37/38 will change to a daily service on an A330

This has been announced as part of the overarching news that Qantas and Emirates will seek re-authorisation from the relevant regulators, including the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, to expand their partnership, involving pricing, schedules, sales, and tourism marketing.

What do you do if you already have a booking from March 2018?

You will be accommodated within the new services – or given the option to change your flights (they don’t specify if this option will come at a cost or not)

I’m viewing this as good news – although if you want a one stop trip to Europe, and you are not going to London, then that means you now get to fly all the way with Emirates, rather than only the Dubai to Europe leg. Don’t worry you will be fine unless you have a faux wood allergy or are susceptible to gold trim blindness.

You can read the full Qantas Media Release, Emirates has yet to issue its own release.

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