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Pilots – behind the cockpit door

OK – I confess. I will watch any kind of behind-the-scenes airline or aircraft documentary, drama, re-creation, or even possibly manga series.

My av geekiness knows very few bounds in this department. I don’t find Air Crash Investigation as seductive – maybe that’s because I like to see the successful operation of an aircraft, rather than the unsuccessful. Strange, as my schadenfreude is unbound when it comes to shows like Border Security.

FUNFACT: EasyJet uses New Zealand as a training ground, as its geography reflects the diversity pilots will face in Europe – but without the airtraffic

Most of them concentrate on airlines or airports, and I will be highlighting some of these over the next few weeks. But a behind-the-scenes-with-pilots is a much rarer phenomenon.

Easyjet: Inside The Cockpit produced by ITV in the United Kingdom is outstanding in this genre, even though it seems restricted to just two episodes – which I have linked to above (Ep 1) and below (Ep 2). They run about 45 minutes each – so settle back.

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