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Why I like Virgin Australia . . . at the moment

Why I like Virgin Australia . . . at the moment
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After being a very loyal Qantas customer, my allegiances are on the move, and they currently reside with Virgin Australia.


Because they:

  • matched my status with another carrier
  • gave me 2 free passes into their club
  • gave me 2 more even though I had used up the previous free ones
  • let us take a whole bunch of bags as hand luggage that we thought would need to be checked-in to the hold
  • delayed a flight by 5 minutes on NYE to let on a missing passenger. The passenger was extremely grateful, apologetic, engaged with passengers and staff, and made a point of thanking the pilot on arrival
  • upgraded me & partner on a flight to Ballina
  • let us use the lounge again, even though another set of free passes had expired

This is not the cheap, service free, grumpy airline staffed by service-denying teenagers of a few years ago.

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